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Every founder needs a blueprint for startup success 

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How can you ensure your startup's success?

The risk of failure is real.  

Your best insurance policy is the innovation process described in my book Startup Genius.  

You cannot buy my book. It is not for sale. You can only gain access to it by joining a very exclusive community of startups. By becoming a startup that is entirely dedicated to doing whatever it takes to succeed.

My book and the process I will guide you through is based on years of research.  I have worked with over a hundred startups and hundreds of scholarly works.

Your startup is your transformation moment.  

The person you must be to create the success of your company is an extraordinary and inspirational leader.   


This book, which describes the Atman process, can make this transformation happen.  (Atman is Sanskrit for "the true you").


  • What goal would you set for yourself if your mind was 100% free of fear?  

  • How high would you aim if you felt anything is possible?

Your personality and your habits are going to become the DNA of your startup. 

You can reprogram your personality, and your habits today.  You can also invite your cofounders to do the same.  The atman process is an entirely new way to conduct your self and your business.  In this process, you will show up to be connected and inspirational instead of showing up to be right or to look good.  

The Atman process is your startup transformation opportunity.  Startup Transformation is about giving yourself permission to let go of the limits of your mind.  Doing so lets you tap into the endless and inconceivable realm of possibility.  

By stepping into the unknowable, your mental limits begin to disappear.   Instead of feeling like you have to know it all, you get to go beyond all that is known.  By permitting yourself to be nowhere, you get to be now here.  Right here at this moment, you are free to move about the universe.  In the now of transformation, you are free to lead, learn, connect, and inspire.  

The chance of a lifetime...

But, for one year, all of 2019, a select number of startups will get to use the Atman process. These startups will have exclusive access to book Startup Genius.   They will participate in a weekly conference call on implementing the process.  They will get direct consultation with the author and process founder.   

This exclusive group of startups will have a considerable market advantage.   The information in my book Startup Genius is unavailable online.  The book is air-gapped, and each printed copy of this limited run has a serial number.

You can apply to join this exclusive group.  Fill out the application form right now.  Once your application is accepted, I will invite you to a 10-15 minute interview with me.  Those who pass the interview get to be one of the few startups who will buy the book and become part of this community of startup innovators.   

Startup Genius Update

Hey Folks!  Our 2019 pilot program was a huge success.  


We have minted out first Million Dollar Startup (  


2020 has been a bit rough for startups-pandemic, and all...   but entrepreneurs persevere.  And we will be here for all of you.

We will be doing the public launch of our Startup Program this summer.  This coincides with the publishing of Startup Genius.  

You can be a part of this new to data-driven and innovation-based-discovery process for building startups.  Sign up here to get put on the VIP list.  You will get early access. 

The book is your startup checklist...

      You understand your brain’s shortcomings and have a plan to overcome them (Ch. 1)
      You have validated your idea (Ch. 2)

      You have a successful product strategy (Ch. 3)
      You are making remarkable hires (Ch. 4)
      You have self-managed teams (Ch. 5)
      You have a scalable operation (Ch. 6)

      You have a culture of joy (Ch. 7)


I have attached the book's table of contents as a PDF.  

Sign up for VIP access.


And connect with me on LinkedIn!


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